Mini Face Mask Brush


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Applying your face masks is now a smooth & luxurious experience with this handy dandy bamboo face mask brush! This brush is exactly what you need to apply your face mask flawlessly every time. Plus, easy clean up and no more messy fingers!

For the perfect clay face mask, start by adding a scoop of our Green Glow Face Mask Powder to a small bowl (see notes below). Mix 1 part mask with 1 part water or your favourite liquid (like rose water, aloe water, herbal tea, chaga tea, or just plain filtered water.)  Mix with the brush or a non metal spoon, and apply even strokes to your face. Avoid the direct under eye area. Leave on for 10 minutes, or until almost dry. Rinse and wash off with a soft damp cloth.  Apply rose facial spray, then radiant facial serum, and get ready to GLOW!\


**For the ultimate experience, we recommend using your Robyn Lilley Beauty Bowl – locally handmade by Irish Eyes Pottery. (Our beauty bowl is available in a bowl/green glow face mask duo kit in our shop!)






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