Green Glow Face Mask Powder


An amazing weekly clay face mask full of antioxidants that will cleanse and nourish your skin leaving it feeling renewed and fresh!

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NEW larger size jar. You asked and we listened! You’ll notice that our green glow face mask powder has gotten a recent, (all natural, of course) face lift, with beautiful new labels and a new, larger sized jar for all you green glow lovers out there!

Green Glow Face Mask Powder is an amazing weekly face mask that will cleanse and detoxify your face leaving you with glowing fresh skin!

Organic matcha Green Glow Face Mask Powder deliver a boost of antioxidants to your face. The green clay pulls toxins from your skin, and the nourishing essential oils of frankincense and lavender promote radiance!


  • Love
  • french green cosmetic clay
  • matcha green tea powder*
  • pomegranate peel powder*
  • pure essential oils of lavender & frankincense

1) In a small dish, Combine 2 tsp powder to ½ tsp H2O, aloe water, or rose water to make a thick paste.
2) Apply to face & leave on for 5-10 mins
3) Gently wash off using circular motions to reveal radiantly smooth and brighter skin.
4) Follow with our Radiant Facial Serum.

This is also recommended as a monthly detox for UNDERARMS, as well as a first initial underarm detox prior to commencing the use of any natural deodorant product. The green clay will help to gently pull toxins and unclog underarm pores, due to (for most people) the use of many many years of sweating and using possibly toxic deodorants. Many people immediately find a decrease in underarm odour, and it will help to make the use of your new natural deodorant (although extremely effective without this process) even more effective!

Pair this with our BEAUTY BOWL made locally by Susi Macdonald of Irish Eyes Pottery, and our MINI MASK BRUSH.  (BOTH SOLD SEPARATELY.)



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