Gua Sha Heart – Rose quartz


Gua Sha Heart Shaped Stone

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Our new Gua Sha heart massage stone is a beautiful ritual to add to your beauty routine! Help to move lymph release facial tension, smooth fine lines & wrinkles, reduce puffiness, and boost collagen production!  Get ready to feel more relaxed and get the GLOW at the same time!

The Gua Sha massage stone is a fantastic way to promote blood circulation and reduce wrinkles. It also helps relax muscles, face or body as well leaving you with radiant skin all day long!

You can use a rose quartz gua sha stone for all sorts of bodywork, like massaging your neck and face. It will help you to look more youthful by slimming those problem areas! Use it on any part that needs attention- even just after working out at the gym or playing sports in order to prevent muscle soreness from setting in early the next day.

The ultra-smooth surface won’t hurt sensitive skin so there’s no need to worry about getting too rough with this ancient technique while trying not to forget some key spots such as around the eyes area where toxins build up most frequently due to their proximity near the brain & nervous system receptors.

Robyn Lilley


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