Gua Sha Mushroom – Rose Quartz


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Gua Sha Mushroom Stones are made of rose quartz. Such a treat to sooth tired muscles. Our new rose quartz Gua Sha mushroom-shaped stones are a beautiful ritual to add to your beauty routine! Help to move lymph release facial tension, smooth fine lines & wrinkles, reduce puffiness, and boost collagen production!  Get ready to feel more relaxed and get the GLOW at the same time! Purchase them single or as a pair so you can work on both sides of your face at the same time.

It is extremely important that this gua sha tool is used on “slippery” skin so as not to pull or stretch the skin.  We recommend pairing it with your daily facial oil such as the Radiant Facial Serum for facial massage and the Vanilla Rose Body Oil for body massage. (The stone can be used to release tension wherever muscle tension is present.)

The Gua-Sha Mushroom is a versatile tool that can be used for many different things from beauty massages to spa treatments. This scraping bowl has been designed with high-quality materials and features an ultra-smooth touch feeling, never hurting your skin even if you use it on the face or other sensitive areas like your hands/feet! The best part about this product is its multiple functions – not just one but many depending on how much time (and energy) we have available during our daily lives.

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