radiant facial serum & rose facial spray duo


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Radiant Facial Serum & Rose Facial Spray Duo (Now available in TWO sizes for your convenience!)

**Available in both 30mL duos AND 100mL duos


A perfect pair. Yin & Yang.  Cheech and Chong.  The Sun & the Moon.  Sonny & Cher.  Shrek & Fiona …. (we think you get the picture.)

radiant facial serum & rose facial spray duo moisturizers penetrate deeper into the skin when they are slightly damp, so the radiant facial serum is best applied straight out of the shower, or directly after cleansing, or after spritzing with the rose facial spray.

Spritzing your face with rose facial spray PRIOR to applying your radiant facial serum will give you the best bang for your beauty buck! Rose water is perfectly PH balanced and helps to even out skin tone/ sun spots/ acne and premature aging.

Now the perfect duo comes in BOTH 30mL as well as 100mL for those super fans who love to stock up and don’t want to run out!  Give the gift of pure, high quality, natural skincare to those you love!

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